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Euphoria CBD oil 5% Mind Relax 10ml

8.790 Ft

CBD oil 5% full spectrum from the Euphoria company contains volume of 500 mg CBD and other cannabinoids in 10 ml .

Várható szállítás: 2021. szeptember 27.
Szállítási díj: 490 Ft


Leírás és Paraméterek

Terpenoids, also referred to as terpenes, are the largest group of natural compounds. Many terpenes have biological activity and are used in pharmacy and cosmetics to treat various human diseases.

Along with cannabidiol, we used many different terpenoids in the following line of cannabis oils to obtain additional therapeutic effects.

Made in the Netherlands for: EUPHORIA TRADE s.r.o., Klimentská 1216/46, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Minimum shelf life: see bottle (2 years from date of manufacture)

Content: 10 ml (500 mg CBD)

Ingredients: Hemp extract containing 5% CBD, Medium chain triglycerides from vegetable oils.

Storage conditions: in a dry and cold place.

Dosage: recommended daily intake of 2x5 drops per day. Maximum daily dose of 15 drops.

Like other cannabinoids, CBD is a trigger that binds to receptors in the human body and triggers certain reactions. Certain cannabinoid receptors are abundant in the central nervous system, while others are found in the so-called peripheral organs of the human body, even in the skin.

In layman's terms, cannabinoids are the key and cannabinoid receptors the lock. By using cannabis, a person inserts keys that fit into various cell locks in the human body. Together, these receptors form probably the most important receptor system in our body - the endocannabinoid system (ES). According to scientific knowledge, it affects everything from mood, memory, motor functions through the functioning of the immune system, reproduction, bone growth to the perception of pain, appetite or sleep. The main task of the EC is to maintain homeostasis in the body, and according to the results of a number of studies, it seems that CBD and other cannabinoids help to restore the balance if this "balance" is disturbed ... "

Analysis of cannabinoid content mg ​​/ g:

CBD - 51
cannabidiolic acid - 0.11
cannabigerol - 0.49
cannabigerolic acid - <0.060
THC - 1.8
THCA - <0.060
cannabinol - 0.25


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